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Universal SQL Editor

A fully featured database management tool

  • Filter database objects
  • Highlight references
  • Table/view name completion
  • Column name completion
  • Procedure name completion
  • Procedure argument completion
  • Local variable completion
  • Fetch cursor information
  • SQL parameter information
  • Table tooltip information
  • Column tooltip information
  • Format selection
  • Stringify selection
  • Column mode editing
  • Query results (in table layout)
  • Query results (in record layout)
  • Edit query results
  • Query results (in stack layout)
Ming Software - October 8, 2020
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Editor's review

Universal SQL Editor
Price: $39.00
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Universal SQL Editor is a tool for writing SQL statements and performing other database related operations. It can work either by connecting to online database or it can also work localy. It offers possibility to connect to many databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and other ODBC compliant databases.

User interface is very clean, on the left side of the main window we can see database explorer, and on the right there is a window for writing sql statements. In the toolbar area, we can find buttons for backward and forward navigation, SQL statement execution history, buttons to enable grouping and filtering, and others.

It supports a lot of sql editing features, such as command completion, syntax highlighting and others. Query results can be filtered by writing a text or numeric value in the fields below the column header, and can also be sorted, edited or grouped by different columns. There is also an option to export query results to XLS or as a set of SQL statements.

Universal SQL Editor is a fully featured tool for databases management and can come especially handy to those, who need to write complex queries or are writing queries regularly, as it includes a lot of useful sql editing capabilities.

• Supports a lot of sql editing capabilities
• Can connect to many popular databases
• Filtering, grouping, sorting and editing of query results
• Option to export query results
• App is intended for developers or those with previous knowledge


Minimum requirements

• ODBC driver for the corresponding database

Limitations in the unregistered version

• 14-day trial

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Operating system: Windows

Supported languages: English

Downloads: 40

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